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TV and radio broadcast monitoring, YouTube, Tik Tok

We collect data. We identify crisis situations. We analyze user behavior.

The larger the brand or the more significant the person, the higher the need to control the information field.

We have been successfully controlling the information field of social networks, forums, blogs and the media for more than 10 years, and now we have learned to do the same in television and radio.

In addition, we learned how to watch videos on YouTube and TikTok. The capabilities of modern monitoring systems allow you to find mentions of the company in the text (video titles, descriptions, hashtags), but not the content of the videos. Now we will get the mention of your company or person directly from the video.

The significance of the event at the federal or regional level inevitably leads the company to news and other broadcasts.

Tasks of monitoring TV and radio space

Monitoring of TV advertising output

Collecting notifications about mentions in real time

Find out what they say about you on radio and TV

Who needs monitoring of TV and radio airwaves

To identify loud infopods
Politicians and media personalities
To control the output of commercials
Advertising specialists
For effective control of communications
PR specialists
Youtube, TikTok
Radio stations (regional)
Radio stations (federal)
Regional TV channels
Federal TV channels
List of sources we are currently covering:
The cost of each project is individual – it is calculated based on goals and objectives.

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