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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
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The Sidorin Lab team is expert-level specialists who effectively work on the popularization of brands .The company has been successfully developing and implementing PR strategies for business for more than 10 years, provides full-scale reputation monitoring and correction services, conducts audits and marketing research of varying degrees of complexity.


Marketing Department Specialist

Barsukova Elena

Analyst of the monitoring department

Natalia Kladova

Analyst of the monitoring department

Veselov Evgeny

Account Manager

Grachev Maxim

Director of the Project Management Department

Svistunova Daria

Deputy Director of Marketing

Shlyakhova Olga

Executive Director

Nikita Prokhorov

General manager

Dmitry Sidorin

Director of Technology

Evgeny Kuznetsov

Specialist of the SERM department

Erina Daria

Account Manager

Boris Poteev

Account Manager

Nikita Veselov

Marketing and Sales Director

Plusheva Anastasia


Konyakina Julia