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Online Reputation Management

Formation, correction and protection of your online reputation

ORM - Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management, or ORM is a full-fledged complex of works on reputation management.

The main task of ORM is to control the appearance of reputational risks, identify and reflect negative stuffing, distribute content online to build brand loyalty, support your PR goals and fuel interest in marketing campaigns. The complex provides for all areas of formation and protection of a positive image for a brand, service or individual.

ORM tasks

The constant growth of positive content on thematic resources


Prompt response and planned actions to repel information attacks


Timely monitoring, processing and analysis of information


Who needs a full range of reputation management?

- It is necessary to make adjustments to the positioning
- It is necessary to increase the loyalty of the audience
- The product or services are presented in a negative way

Do you want to become a big brand?

- is looking for investors and clients
- wants to be ahead of the competition
- Forms a positive image of the employer

You are a big brand who

- Are you an artist, a politician or a business owner?
- Do you want to create an image from scratch?
- Are you faced with information discrediting your dignity?

You are a media personality

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What does the service consist of

The advantage of any comprehensive service is that, depending on the task, the set of methods for working with reputation changes, and the tool that is most effective for solving a specific problem becomes a priority. Our service is no exception. It happens that a client comes for a complex, and he only needs a couple of tools – and his problem is solved. But more often we work with complex tasks, where all methods of reputation management are used
To estimate the cost of work, you need to understand your situation as a whole. To do this, we always conduct a reputation audit before providing estimates for ORM. All you need to get started with us is to order a free audit.

An average reputational marketing project without a lot of negative media coverage and without a lot of negative reviews will cost about 3, 500 $ a month. The implementation period of such a project is at least 5-6 months.

There are also small works both in terms of deadlines and sums. For example, developing a reputation management strategy will take us a month and will cost from 7, 200 $. Building a reputation from scratch costs from 2, 000 $ a month with a minimum period of 3 months of work.

You can always buy a package of our IQBuzz monitoring system – with a minimum budget for reputation management, such a system will make a significant contribution to working with the company's image.
Unambiguously answering the question "How much does ORM cost?" or "How long will it take to delete information?" is not easy

The cost of reputation management and terms of implementation

(Depending on the complexity of the project)
Cost and terms of implementation
3,500 $
Why should we — the Reputation House reputation management Agency – correct the image?

Nikita Prokhorov has created a real scientific laboratory for image formation. No agency can compare with our technologies and developments.

Reputation House has been working in the field of reputation marketing since 2009. We are the first in the reputation marketing market, as evidenced by numerous awards and first places in major ratings. In the ALLSEO rating, we have been winners in the SERM-agency nomination for four years in a row. In 2018, RUWARD recognized us as the best in working with reputation marketing in the digital environment. Runet Awards, Tagline, and SEOnews have repeatedly confirmed our effectiveness by including us in the top of their ratings.

Online reputation management is a complex task that requires time and effort. It's never too late to work on improving your reputation, but it's better not to leave it for later. It is always better to start in advance, even if you have just entered the market – this way, you will have more chances to protect yourself. It is always easier to strengthen your reputation before problems arise than to deal with negativity and its consequences.

Reputation management at Reputation House

ORM: How to Build and Protect Your Online Image

Online Reputation Management is a term used to describe the services of practice of building, maintaining, and monitoring an individual or company's online presence. It refers to the process of controlling how a person or brand is perceived by their audience on the Internet.

With the help of ORM consultants, companies and personas can develop a reputation management strategy that suits their unique needs and values. ORM services can help companies monitor their online reputation, address any negative comments or reviews, and create a positive brand image that resonates with customers. While there are many ORM tools available on the internet, the manager can advise you on your choice one that aligns with your specific goals and objectives. By proactively managing their online reputation, companies can maintain customer loyalty, trust, and boost their marketing efforts. A positive online reputation is essential for any business seeking to succeed in the digital age.

Today almost everyone is on social media and search engine algorithms determine the information available about you or your business, it is important to manage your online reputation proactively. A negative online reputation can not only affect a person or company's image in the eyes of potential clients, but it can also result in lost business and opportunities.

Here are some tips for building and protecting your online reputation:

Start with a strong foundation

The first step of online reputation management agency is to create and cultivate a positive online presence of your company. Start by establishing online profiles with consistency across all channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other relevant sites. Check that profiles are completed, up-to-date, and showcase accomplishments, skills and expertise of your company.

Monitor your online presence

The services of monitoring systems are key to dealing with online reputation management. Manager will regularly check for any negative or defamatory content about your company and aim to address them proactively.

It is crucial for companies and individuals to recognize and embrace the benefits of social media monitoring to stay ahead of their competition. With the right social media monitoring tools, strategies, and tactics, companies and individuals can efficiently manage their online reputation, protect their brand identity, and improve their engagement with their target audience. Social media monitoring is an essential part of an overall reputation management strategy that requires careful attention and proactive management.

SERM to create and control Top-10 results

Search Engine Reputation Management, or SERM for short, this service refers to the process of managing an individual or company's search engine results to ensure a positive online reputation. SERM services are essential in this era of digital marketing since it allows companies and individuals to manage negative content or reviews that could harm their online reputation.

Create high-quality content

One of the best ways to build and maintain a positive online reputation is by service of creating high-quality content that showcases your company's values and expertise. Publish engaging blog posts, use user-generated content, and promote your image through other channels such as videos, infographics, and presentations.

Engage with your audience

Engage with audience of your company and respond to their feedback and questions promptly. Interact with relevant communities, participate in conversations and contribute to online discussions in your industry. Tell your current and potential customers about your company's services. This helps in building strong online relationships, which can enhance your online image and boost your reputation.

Respond to negative feedback professionally

Having negative reviews or feedback is inevitable, and unfortunately, it can negatively impact your online reputation. When receiving negative feedback, approach the situation professionally, and respond quickly and in a thoughtful manner. Address the issue, offer a solution or apology, and aim to resolve the situation amicably. This helps to show that you value your clients and are proactive in addressing their concerns.

Utilize online reputation management tools

There are various ORM tools available to help monitor and manage your online reputation. These services can help you automate the monitoring of your online presence, receive alerts for any negative feedback, and help to build your online image. ORM consultants can offer different services and software to solve current problems.

Investing in online reputation management service will help companies and individuals establish a positive online presence, attract and retain customers, and improve search engine rankings. With the plethora of online reputation management software available in the market, the key is to identify a solution that matches your unique goals, budget, and business needs. With a proactive and data-driven approach to ORM, companies and individuals can protect their reputation and stay ahead of the game.

In conclusion, ORM requires a proactive approach and consistent work, but it is an essential element of building a successful personal or corporate brand. ORM agency able to build and protect your online reputation effectively and enhance your overall digital presence.

Reputation management is not just a tool to mitigate reputational risks or address negative reviews but an essential element of a brand or individual's identity, values, and goals. Do not wait until it is too late to start reputation management services, as reputation is like a bank account you need to deposit before you can withdraw. Start tracking, monitoring, and managing your reputation now to reap the benefits in the long run.