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Social Media Monitoring

We collect data. We identify crisis situations, analyzing user behavior.

The use of monitoring systems will allow you to understand customers and increase their loyalty by quickly resolving any issues. We see reviews and mentions as soon as they appear on the Internet. You will always have access to public data from any source, which means you will control the information field.

You can find out everything that is being said about your brand, who is discussing your product and on which platforms, analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and quickly find out the current needs of consumers.

Social media and Media monitoring

Monitoring tasks

Forecasting future event scenarios


Analysis of the brand information field


Timely identification of crisis situations


Who needs monitoring of social networks?

Evaluate the prospects of the industry and type of activity.

Sole proprietor, self-employed

Understand the attitude of consumers to the product.


Prevent fraudulent actions in relation to the brand

Security specialists

Monitor the activities of competitors.

Director of Development

Build an attractive employer brand

HR specialists

Monitor communications and the effectiveness of PR campaigns

PR specialists

Order a reputation audit
The cost of the service depends on your goals and the volume of mentions. Iqbuzz has the opportunity to use the system for free for the first 7 days. The same opportunities exist in other services. The more activities you conduct, the larger your brand becomes, the more the popularity of the person grows, the more carefully you need to monitor the space and, accordingly, spend more money on it.

Cost and terms of implementation

Our team consists of 56 specialists (analysts and specialists in the processing of mentions) who are certified by leading monitoring systems and have education in the field of sociology and marketing. Every month, we process tens of millions of mentions and conduct more than 70 projects. The team works in real time to identify the main problems in the field of ORM to ensure a prompt response to any information flows. For each project, a team of experts is formed to lead and be fully immersed in your project.

Who is working on social media monitoring?

Harnessing the Power of Social Media Monitoring: Unique Insights for Modern Businesses

As a specialist in the realm of social media, it is essential to provide valuable insights to users seeking guidance in this ever-evolving digital landscape. In this article, we aim to offer a comprehensive overview of social media monitoring, delving into unique aspects that set it apart from conventional methods. To ensure maximum utility and understanding, we will provide relevant examples and maintain a professional yet accessible tone.

Social media monitoring is a crucial process that involves the systematic tracking and analysis of online conversations and content across various social platforms. By leveraging the capabilities of social media monitors, companies can effectively track, analyze, and respond to online conversations, enabling them to make strategic decisions that drive brand growth and customer satisfaction. Through the use of advanced social media monitors, organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of their online presence, equipping them with the tools necessary to navigate and excel in today's competitive digital environment. However, beyond these general benefits, there exist certain distinctive advantages that many websites may overlook.

Unique Advantages: Monitor and Analyze

  • One such aspect that sets social media monitoring apart is its ability to identify and assess real-time trends. As opposed to traditional media monitoring, which focuses on analyzing content from newspapers, magazines, and television broadcasts, social media monitoring is centered around digital platforms. This empowers monitors to observe, understand, and respond to emerging trends and discussions in real-time, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of their strategies.
  • Another unique advantage of social media monitoring is the potential for sentiment analysis. By using advanced algorithms and natural language processing, monitors can gauge public sentiment towards a brand, product, or topic. This information, when combined with other insights, can be pivotal in shaping a company's messaging and positioning.
  • Additionally, social media monitoring services cater to a diverse range of needs, offering a plethora of tools and functionalities. These services are often tailored to suit specific business objectives, enabling clients to extract maximum value from the data they gather. For instance, some companies may prioritize competitor analysis, while others may focus on customer service and engagement.
  • Skilled social media monitors can uncover hidden opportunities and threats, providing invaluable insights that empower businesses to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.
Real-world Applications: Monitor social media and rise to the top

Let's explore a couple of examples to better understand the unique benefits of social media monitoring. In one scenario, a major electronics brand is about to launch a new product. By employing social media monitoring, companies can track real-time conversations and feedback, enabling them to adapt their messaging and address any concerns promptly. Simultaneously, monitors can keep an eye on competitors and identify potential opportunities to leverage.

In another example, a company with a strong social media presence experiences a sudden surge of negative feedback. Skilled social media monitors can uncover hidden opportunities and threats, providing invaluable insights that empower businesses to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. Through social media monitoring, they can quickly identify the issue, assess its impact on public sentiment, and devise a suitable response to mitigate potential damage to their reputation.

Monitor with a High Level of Effectiveness: Goals, Tools, and Processes

Continuing our exploration of social media monitoring, it is essential to consider how this powerful tool can be effectively integrated into a company's overall strategy. In doing so, organizations can capitalize on the unique advantages provided by social media monitoring, enhancing their decision-making processes and strengthening their online presence.

  • To begin with, setting clear objectives is crucial when implementing social media monitoring. Identifying what your organization wants to achieve—whether it is tracking brand sentiment, monitoring competitors, or gauging the effectiveness of marketing campaigns—will help determine which monitoring tools and techniques are most suitable for your specific needs.
  • Next, selecting the appropriate monitoring tools is vital. With a vast array of software and platforms available, businesses should thoroughly evaluate their options, ensuring that they choose a solution that aligns with their objectives and budget. Factors to consider include the scope of the tool's monitoring capabilities, its ease of use, and the quality of the insights it generates.
  • Once the appropriate tools are in place, it is essential to establish a systematic approach to data collection and analysis. This involves setting up relevant search queries and filters, selecting the social platforms to monitor, and determining the frequency of data collection. By creating a structured process, organizations can ensure that they are capturing the most relevant and valuable information.
  • Another crucial aspect of successful social media monitoring is fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making within the organization. This requires ongoing communication and collaboration between various departments, ensuring that insights gathered through monitoring are effectively utilized to inform strategic decisions. For instance, marketing teams may use sentiment analysis to refine their messaging, while customer service departments can leverage feedback to enhance their support processes.
  • Lastly, it is essential to continuously evaluate and adjust your social media monitoring strategy. As the digital landscape evolves and your business objectives shift, it is vital to reassess your monitoring tactics, making necessary adjustments to maintain a competitive edge. This may involve exploring new tools, refining search queries, or broadening the scope of your monitoring efforts.

In conclusion, social media monitoring is an invaluable asset for organizations operating in today's fast-paced digital environment. Employing a cutting-edge social media monitor allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve by proactively identifying trends, engaging with their audience, and making informed decisions based on real-time data. By setting clear objectives, selecting the right tools, establishing a systematic approach to data collection, fostering a data-driven culture, and continuously evaluating their strategies, businesses can harness the unique benefits of social media monitoring to drive growth and success. With the ever-growing influence of social platforms, it is more critical than ever for organizations to embrace and invest in these powerful monitoring tools.