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Reputation House is the one-stop online reputation management software both for businesses and individuals. Monitor, analyze & manage your brand reputation.
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Trust = Sales
Reviews = Trust
Negative Feedback
Negative reviews and customer feedback are spread across different platforms. Are you sure you can keep up with all the review channels?
Low Search Volume
We optimize search volume to put your brand at the forefront, increasing engagement and conversions.
Poor Ratings
Low ratings can make or break decisions; with 96% of customers actively seeking them out, it's not a matter to overlook.
Dark PR & Disinformation
We defend your brand's integrity, ensuring that truth and trustworthiness are always at the forefront.
Having a strong online image is non-negotiable for brands seeking digital growth. With 89% of consumers consulting reviews, our strategies will organically bolster your ratings on Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, and more, ensuring trust at first sight.
49% of all consumers put as much trust in online reviews as they do in personal recommendations. In the digital age, a good review isn't just a pat on the back—it's the cornerstone of trust.
Companies at the pinnacle of reputation see their sales grow 15% faster than those lagging behind. Your online standing isn't just about image—it's directly tied to your bottom line.
The Domino Effect of Neglected Reputation
Reduced Customer Loyalty
Ignoring negative feedback can lead to reduced customer loyalty, as they feel unheard and unvalued
Lost Sales Opportunities
Negative feedback that goes unmanaged can deter potential customers, leading to lost sales opportunities
Increased Marketing Costs
Poor ratings often require increased marketing spend to counteract the negative perception
Crisis Management Costs
Managing dark PR requires resources for crisis management, adding to operational costs
There is a better way to manage your Online Brand Reputation
It was never easier to keep track of your online brand reputation. Reputation House is your cockpit for your online brand reputation.
Monitor & Analyze
Easily collect your brand mentions from 100+ open sources like Google, Yelp, Trustpilot, Yahoo etc. and prepare easy-to-analyze reports.
Build Your Strategy
Build a strong online reputation strategy for your brand. Set your goals, track progress effortlessly, and craft the perfect digital image across multiple platforms.
React & Manage
Stay in control, even when things don't go as planned. Spot issues quickly, receive immediate alerts, and gain practical advice to get your brand back on track.
Finally manage your online brand!
Don't leave your brand reputation to chance.
Easily monitor your online presence across the Internet and react quickly to changes
Analyze your strengths and weaknesses to gain insights for your online reputation and digital growth strategies
Sentiment Analysis
Learn the tone your customers and partners use when mentioning your brand online.
Customized Reports
Select the necessary data for detailed reports that facilitate the analysis of your brand's current reputation. Personalize reports to meet your company's specific needs and requirements.
Mention Detailing
The app locates all brand mentions on social media, in media references, and on company profiles across review and rating sites.
Respond promptly to any changes in your brand's information landscape, mitigating negative mentions and promoting positive ones.
Recommendation Strategy
Utilizing our AI technology, you can analyze your brand's information landscape and predict its development. The application will signal any deviations from the prediction, providing insights into the evolving situation.
Reputation House Is Used by
Real Estate
Personal brands
Reputation House App caters to financial institutions, including banks and investment firms, offering them the tools to manage their online reputation and build trust with potential investors.
Can a law firm protect a client if it cannot protect its online reputation? In the legal market, reputation is the key to attracting major clients, handling interesting cases, and gaining public recognition.
Real Estate
The real estate market has weathered numerous crises and consistently remained profitable. However, agents, brokers, real estate developers, and real estate agencies without strong reputations struggle to manage even minor crises. A good reputation in the real estate market allows you to work with leading developments, luxury properties, and large orders.
Strong online reputation is a real panacea for all informational risks that may face medical service providers working in digital. In this highly competitive environment, it is the key to maintaining a strong presence, preventing a loss of market position, and avoiding reduced revenue
Even the strongest insurance company cannot insure its online reputation. There is no defense against reputational risks, but there are ways to prevent them and respond quickly. Your reputation determines the income level, client base, and the size of insurance deals.
Personal Brands
Anyone can become a blogger, but public recognition is only achieved by those with a strong reputation. A strong personal brand reputation opens up opportunities for valuable collaborations, increased subscriber traffic, and brand loyalty.
Even industrial companies face reputational crises. A damaged reputation results in smaller orders, a lack of investment and government support, and decreased customer and supplier loyalty.
A poor online reputation is a significant indicator of low electoral support for government agencies. If you need people's support in the next election, work on your reputation or someone who is known on the Internet will take your place.
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