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Lead generation

Custom lead generation from Reputation House: collecting the customer base and warming it up from complete indifference to a real purchase.

Lead generation is the receipt of "hot" applications for business services or, in other words, a way to attract customers, in which the company pays only for receiving the contact information of potential customers, and is not spent on the entire front of conversion work.

The unit of measurement of such a service is the attraction of a lead - a potential client who has shown activity in response to a particular marketing action of the company.

Depending on the format of the work, payment in this segment of Internet marketing occurs for the result: either for all applications from potential customers, or for transactions carried out. The cost of lead generation is always determined by the number of leads received as a result of it.

What is lead generation?

Who are your leads?

Users who have registered on your site or have performed a targeted action on your social networks.

Contacts who have left requests regarding the sale of your product or service on the website or in social networks.

People who have already bought something from you once and are ready to buy again.

People who have agreed to receive communication via text messages or e-mail.

Those who have agreed to a trial period of using your service or service.

Leads are usually classified according to the degree of warming up”:

Cold Leads
Contacts who are not familiar with your company and products. Yes, they have left their contact information somewhere or registered on your website via the social network button, but they are not ready to give you their money and make a payment yet. However, the very fact of committing such an action shows us that your product is in the sphere of their interests, they just can't buy it now for various reasons. The task of lead generation is to translate them into the following two categories.
Warm Leads
This segment of the audience is already more or less familiar with your business, they are more willing to get in touch - they leave applications, ask questions in feedback forms on the website, write on Yandex directly. That is, they are already quite interested in paying and ready to buy your product.
Hot Leads
These are practically your customers. They like your product and are satisfied with its price category, they not only leave applications, but also intend to make a deal in the near future.
The leads of each category require their own strategy: if the first category needs to be first introduced to your range of products and services to make it more loyal, the second and third need only a little push to pay for orders in the form of a reminder or an offer of an additional bonus.

The effectiveness of lead generation strongly depends on the competent division into these categories and the choice of the right warm-up strategy for each of them when bringing the goods to payment.

Lead generation tasks

In some cases, the process of lead generation also includes setting up the work of call centers: organizing the process of calling, drafting a trade offer and a call script, setting up IP telephony.
"Warming up" the cold audience and bringing the hot target audience to the purchase stage.
Marketing campaigns
Working with advertising campaigns on social networks and search engines (context and target), adapting and saturating websites and landing pages with communication tools, e-mail mailing lists and setting up sales funnels for business.
Targeted search
Monitoring the Internet and social networks in order to detect a potential target audience that can move into the category of leads.

Advantages of lead generation

Payment for the result

Budgets are spent only on confirmed, interested customers, which is very beneficial for business. During lead generation, the company does not pay for incorrect numbers and unconfirmed applications. Moreover, you can set the cost of one lead yourself, based on the goals, objectives, scope of your services and target audience.

Projected profit

When buying a lead generation service, you know in advance what the final number of leads will be, the cost of each and their average check, and, therefore, you can predict your profit with high accuracy.

Quick results

With proper marketing and task setting, launching a lead generation campaign can take only a few days. At the same time, targeted applications appear on the landing resource (website, landing page, social network) immediately after the start of work.

Traffic sources (channels) lead generation

There are several channels at once that are effective at generating leads.
Contextual advertising is one of the main sources of lead generation. The first thing a potential customer who is looking for a product or service does is a search in a search engine, from where he goes to the site he is interested in. Setting up contextual advertising in Yandex, Metrica or Google Analytics is the primary task for attracting customers. A short and catchy offer for the target query appears in the top positions of the output and gives streaming traffic to your landing page –website or landing page.
Millions of people visit social networks every day, many of whom are looking for goods and services and reviews about what they are after. There are many advertising tools on social media sites - banners, commercial posts, graphic creatives - each of which can be aimed at a specific target audience. Such advertising is called targeted and, with fine tuning, gives a high percentage of hits to your target audience.
E-mail marketing
By creating attractive promotional mailings packaged in multi-stage sales funnels, you can also attract warm lead traffic and create pre-sale bids for yourself.
Blogs and forums
High-quality text and visual content posted in promoted blogs and on marketplace sites, backed up by celebrity expertise, is another tool for attracting customers to your business.

Lead generation operation scheme

There are several channels that are effective at once at generating leads.

Landing resource on the Internet. In order for potential customers not to lose interest in buying and leave applications once they get into your lead generation channel, it is necessary to prepare a “landing place" well - a page or a website to which links lead.

Database. Compiling a database of leads and working with it is the final stage and the final product with which you get your sales.
Lead generation channels and warm-up schemes. The second step is to select the channels for submitting the offer, depending on the goals and objectives of the lead campaign, as well as drawing up a warm-up strategy on each of the channels.
Offer. For competent work with lead generation, an accurate trade offer is necessary and compiled in several variants, depending on the warming up degree of the lead category.

Landing resources for Leads

These are the sites to which a potential client comes through lead generation channels.
For effective lead generation, it is necessary to make the resource that the user who clicked on the lead link gets to be hospitable and client-oriented. The site should open in all types of browsers and be adapted for mobile platforms. Also, the landing page should provide comprehensive information about the product, the social network should have quick feedback and stylish design.

Social network
Landing page

Reputation House has been working in the field of Internet marketing for more than 10 years and one of its main services is custom lead generation on social networks.

About Reputation House

In recent years, social media popularity displaced even the search engines: the people who have primarily looked for answers on Google or Yandex are now likely to turn to search on Instagram or Facebook. Here, they are looking for information and reviews; they go there to find a product or service.

It is from social networks that the most heated leads are coming now. The Reputation House team is staffed with professionals in the field of lead generation in social networks and can help you close any volume when compiling a database of potential customers.

Advantages of Reputation House

The services of the Reputation House marketing agency include the full range of tools necessary for effective lead generation. Among them are both mandatory services, such as, for example, monitoring of social networks and compiling a list of key queries, and optional ones, the choice of which depends on the specific situation.

Taking into account the client's current requests, goals and objectives when selecting lead generation tools is a mandatory first stage of working with the Reputation House team. An individual approach in this segment of Internet marketing is especially important: after all, the success of the final result here is determined by a fixed number of attracted leads.
What does Reputation House lead generation service consist of?
Analytics and query selection
We will help you determine the scope of work and make a list of services that are necessary for you. In addition, at this stage, additional analytics are carried out, which identify the characteristics of your target audience. At the same time, the semantic core of the request is formed, after which the final cost of the services is determined.
The main stage of lead generation is working with the semantic core in the main monitoring systems - YouScan, Medialogy, Iqbuzz, Brand Analytics. At the same time, the core collected at the analytics stage can change during the search process - expand or decrease. Dynamic tuning is important in order to reach the full range of your potential customers.
Handling requests
Here it is important to quickly identify relevant mentions, sort queries by topics and products of the semantic core on the Internet. In order to get more accurate results, we use manual sorting of leads: you definitely won't get spam instead of working contacts.
A lead generation service aimed at warming up the received leads and bringing them to the purchase stage, that is, the final sale. If the budget for lead generation is small, very often customers take this stage on themselves, while we can prepare reaction strategies for them, which will help unload the client at the stage of initial processing of applications. However, Reputation House can fully take over this stage.
Analytics and monitoring are the standard foundation provided by the lead generation agency, but handling requests and responding can remain on your side. At the same time, we can prepare effective scripts for interaction with potential clients for you, which will allow you to quickly and productively process the lead database.

The cost of lead generation is from 1,200 to 4,500 $ per month. To order lead generation, fill out the form and we will be able to calculate the cost in more detail.

Pricing for lead generation services depends on a number of parameters - the amount of work, the final result and the expected volume of leads, the size of the semantic core, the duration of the lead generation campaign, the readiness of your site and landing page to receive potential customers.

In any case, the format of the Reputation House agency involves paying for the result: you know in advance how many leads and in what time frame you will receive them within the budget of the lead campaign.

How much does the lead generation service from Reputation House cost? About Reputation House

Hot Leads for your Business

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FAQ on Lead Generation Cases

What tasks does lead generation solve?
Lead generation is a sales tool. It is used to optimize the retail process and significantly reduces the “customer search - closed sale" distance.
What is a test campaign for?
Test campaigns when offering lead generation are conducted to evaluate the effectiveness of landing pages and the traffic source. They are also used to determine the conversion rate of the lead client and thereby optimize the budget for lead generation.
What is the advantage of lead generation compared to other types of advertising?
Lead generation is the creation of a customer base and stimulation of potential buyers to purchase goods or services in the era of "information fatigue". This is a process that takes into account the fact that modern buyers are based more often on logic than on emotions.
Who are the leads suitable for?
Lead generation is a tool of the B2C market, most suitable for sales of services and goods that have mass demand, and, therefore, a wide audience: training, lending, cars, real estate, and so on.
How long does it take to launch a campaign?
From a few days to 2 weeks.