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Nikita Prokhorov

A successful head of the fast-growing Reputation House group of companies, a trendsetter in the field of reputation management. One of the few practicing SERM service specialists.
Nikita Prokhorov

Founder of Reputation House, speaker and teacher, author of several books.

Over the years of work in the field of Internet marketing, SMM and reputation management, he has helped many major brands and many media personalities to cope with reputational attacks of various levels of complexity. Throughout his career, Nikita Prokhorov managed to work with leading specialists and companies, well-known and large-scale retail chains.

To date, he personally manages situational centers of well-known brands. Financial organizations are also managed by Prokhorov. Several popular car dealers, large manufacturers of household and electrical equipment, car-sharing networks, fitness clubs, political projects - all this Prokhorov keeps under his control. Nikita Prokhorov also paid attention to media personalities, top officials of companies. Thanks to his knowledge, energy and productive activity, Prokhorov manages to lead all these projects and helps to achieve the set results. In his spare time, he acts as a consultant on television and radio. His interviews and articles can also be read in major media, including Forbes.
Being the founder of the company, Nikita Prokhorov have become the main and most popular evangelists of reputation management services at the moment, successfully educating businesses about reputational risks and damages, and provide applied information to improve the reputation of the brand and persons. He created the first reputation training center, the Reputation Lab project and a full online course on reputation management.

Public activities: