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International Speaker Nikita Prokhorov Discusses The Value of Reputation House

Reputation in the online environment is just as important as its counterpart in the real world. Both iterations work in unison to create a holistic image of an entity, corporate or private, and allow potential partners and clients to assess the prospects of cooperation or benefit. Nikita Prokhorov is a reputation management specialist, member of Asia Professional Speakers association, business coach, entrepreneur, and the founder of Reputation Lab, and the Reputation House Agency. His years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the highly demanding reputation management market have inspired him to take a step beyond the traditional approaches and develop an entirely new product to streamline convenience and efficiency for clients.

Managing reputations is a rather niche market. Can you describe the journey that brought to the decision of tying your professional career with it?

Reputation management is a vast and complicated environment that encompasses much more than just mentions of a person or entity online. It also extends to their actions in the real world and the way they reflect across a multitude of parameters, such as search engine query results, media publications, social media, and every other venue where said entity can have a presence. Managing that much information is not a laborious, but also a fascinating task. My journey to the decision of engaging in this field started when I worked for over 7 years in an American oil company and met my future business partner – Dmitry Sidorin. He told me much about his profession and I got hooked. What followed was a natural transition to conferences, experience acquisition, presentations, and the process of giving value to the first few clients.

It is that very factor of giving benefit to real people, improving their reputations and discovering new means doing so that binds me to the profession. I honestly believe that my actions are having a positive impact on the lives of real people and the development of companies. All that combined spilled out into 3 published books, and all of them became bestsellers. And that is how Dmitry and I started a project that has grown and allowed me to gain the status of an international speaker and host of main industry conferences and workshops across Europe and Asia.

Can you tell us about Reputation House?

Reputation House is an international agency specializing in the management of reputations of individuals and companies in the online environment. The company has been successfully operating on the market since 2019. The company has its central office located in Hong Kong and has established itself as the leader in the field of digital services. According to International Business Times, Reputation House is among the top-5 global companies working in the field of brand protection and online reputation management.

Reputation House offers a range of ORM (Online Reputation Management), SERM (Search Engine Reputation Management), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), digital PR и SMM. These technologies help track and correct the brand’s reputation, if needed. The company’s extensive toolkit can help form search results, set up communication with clients, work on negative feedback and promote the positive content about the company. Good business reputation opens a wide array of opportunities: it is easier to find new partners, attract the best specialists and expand the sales markets.

Reputation House also works in real time by deflecting sudden informational attacks, monitoring and analyzing the mentions of the brand on the internet. Among the company’s clients are such well-known names as Nissan, Mazda, as well as international banks and other clients from a wide range of different industries. The company’s portfolio currently includes more than 850 successful cases.

Reputation House is also working on developing a specialized application for reputation management. What does it include?

ION is a highly specialized mobile application developed by Reputation House, Hong Kong. The app is a convenient, blockchain-based tool for assessing the presence of brands, products, media, events and entire states in social media, as well as for preventing information attacks and dealing with negative publications. The primary mission of ION is Online Reputation Management and Brand Protection.

The App is designed for marketers, PR managers, HR managers, Top managers, and public people. For the convenience of users, using machine learning and AI, ION automatically determines the tonality and topics of mentions, providing additional characteristics such as gender, age, and location of the authors of the publication. Such analytics allows you to make decisions in real-time, for example, associated with negative references to the network. The monitoring system integrates a 24/7 technical and information support service.
Users of the application can receive online notifications of publications in social media and online mass media on the items of interest they are monitoring. The system analyzes more than 50 thousand public media around the world and supports various interface languages, report formats and customized notifications.

What is the best advice for companies and individuals seeking to maintain and improve their online reputations?

Never think that a reputation is an organic entity. A reputation must be upheld and formulated based on real merit and the application of advanced informational instruments that tap into the online environment and identify touch and pain points that clients will perceive when evaluating a brand’s overall image. Investing in a good reputation can go a long way in establishing not only rapport with existing and potential clients and partners, but also in opening up entirely new horizons for development.