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Books on "Reputation management on the Internet", "50 mistakes that will kill your startup" and "Online Reputation"

A unique book co-authored by Dmitry Sidorin and Nikita Prokhorov. Leading Russian Internet experts in the field of reputation management talk about what reputation monitoring services exist on the Web and how reputation management is carried out in search engines.

It also tells how to determine the optimal "noise level" around small and large brands, what reputation wars are on the Web and invasion of the media space, what results in the field of reputation management can be expected for an online store, a big brand, an Internet startup, an individual, and much more.
After reading this book, you will learn how:
Track company reviews in search engines;
Increase the return on marketing by improving reputation;
React to the negative and use the positive feedback
Evaluate the competence of contractors providing SERM services.
The book "Reputation Management on the Internet" will undoubtedly be useful both for representatives of administrative structures and the business environment who are concerned about the problem of reputation, and for ordinary users who will be able to see the world of social networks in a different light - as a world of opportunities and a world of threats.
(Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor, Director of the Educational Services Marketing Center)
Prokhorov Andrey Vasilyevich
The authors give practical recommendations on how to work with negativity. The Internet has ceased to be a world of sites where ordinary users are assigned the role of only consumers of information. Now, the Internet is a world of posts or a world of social networks, and each of these worlds is based on the activity of users themselves.

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50 mistakes that will kill your startup
Creating your own corporation, assembling a loyal team, becoming a media personality is the goal of all startups. How to achieve it? After reading the book, you will rationally evaluate the resources for launching, learn how to delegate tasks, work with complex clients and negotiate with any partners. From the very beginning, you will make the company a media company and promote your brand. Avoid the typical mistakes of beginners and move forward much faster than competitors.
After reading this book, you will learn how:
Create your own corporation;
Become a media personality;
Assemble a loyal team;
Evaluate the competence of employees.
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Online reputation:
Protect the existing reputation of your brand or person;
How to recognize an information attack on your brand;
Evaluate the current reputation of the company or create it from scratch;
What to do for the growth of your brand in Russia and in foreign markets.